w1Wood is a unique and essential material in the human use. However often new technologies might emerge, we will never be able to make up for what nature itself gave us. The nature can be neither artificial nor unpopular; it has always been remaining irreplaceable.

Our company integrates the efforts at wood materials procurement, processing, and delivery to Europe and Middle East. We give maximum attention to each working stage: from wood felling and processing by means of special equipment up to packaging and delivery to our clients on turnkey basis. All that answers to the only purpose — for our customers to be always sure to have received a quality product given by the nature itself.

We work in several European and Asian markets. Our experience and ability to perform a widest range of tasks allow us stating with certainty that we are ready to provide you with practically any woodworking industry product in a quality manner and within the shortest possible time.

We put a special focus on the pricing of our products. In order to lower the production costs and, consequently, reduce the ultimate price for our clients, we are actively expanding into emerging markets. We cooperate with pristine areas in Ukraine, Belarus, Montenegro, Croatia, Poland and many other European countries.

Our aim is: the quality and price of our products should positively surprise. Moreover, we are well on our way!